Next funny picture in world..

smile always..

stall at space..
opppss.. no comme

baby bean..

respect each other..

how long that you need to wait for eat me..

euww... very fun to do like this..

try to take a nap

sleep on time..

modern bus..

argh... no comment..

try save his bicycle..

please dont distrub me..

i like to be malik Noor

style' person..

respect your client first..

i love it.. hehee..

that for today.. hope you enjoy it.. hehee=)

5 comment(s):

ghost writer said... funny!

Mikah Lurima said...

hahaha... lawak! siyesz gambo dia FUNNY!

adan said...

lawak2.. gambar tidur kat rantai tu tak boleh blah..

buy cheap laptop said...

'style person' is the most funny. lol :D :D

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3r1k4 ::1ry4n1 said... gile lawkk nie...kambing tuh ! aha